Our Story

I grew up in a house where honey was ever-present in our diet. In breakfast, snack desserts, for sweetening hot beverages, as a cough syrup.  My mother used to tell us that honey is the secret of superheroes’ strengths while giving us a daily spoon of her special toasted nuts with a honey mix for quick energy boosts. 

Growing in such a household and companying my father to go to local beekeepers to buy organic honey made me aware of the value, quality, and types of honey. Moreover, being an executive for many companies and living a busy lifestyle inspired me to think that we need honey products on the go. And this is how HoneyBEEClever started! 

2018 The Begning

Established in May 2018 as a startup producing the innovative Flower Honey Spoons. At the end of 2018, responding to the market needs we launched 10 more innovative product lines to match a variety of lifestyles.

2019 Exposure

By the beginning of 2019 not only more products but more honey types! We add 16 Types of pure native natural honey. 
In February  2019, HoneyBEEClever participated in GulfFood, the world's largest annual food and beverage trade exhibition, and became a rising star.  We penetrated the Gulf markets from Qatar to Kuwait to KSA to UAE. 

2020 Exposure

In 2020, HoneyBEEClever is producing 175 products and exporting the products through its different business models to six countries on three continents. HoneyBEEClever is introducing three new categories in 2020 for kids, athletes, and Slim Fit diet products.

Started From the Honey Spoon Now We’re Here!