The Company

HoneyBEEClever was established in 2018 in Istanbul, Turkey, The second largest honey producer in the world. HoneyBEEClever has ISO 90001/2014 and ISO 22000/2015 certification. We also have the accreditation of the Turkish Accreditation Agency (Turkak) and the International Accreditation Forum (IAF).

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A Future of Honey

Our Vision

To promote healthy diet practices by incorporating natural honey products to take advantage of its curative and preventive powers. 

Strong commitment

Our Mission

Making healthy and nutritious diets fit every lifestyle.  

Operating smoothly

Our Strategy

HoneyBEEClever is client-focused and committed to its stakeholders. We are globally engaged, continuously expanding, and adaptive to the changes and trends in the Natural Honey industry.

The Story Behind Our Logo

Our logo celebrates our first product the Clever Honey Spoon which paved the way for more innovative honey products. The Clever Honey spoon is exactly what it sounds like. A spoon of flavorful honey automatically packed in an individual package to single-use it, to sweeten your beverage or just to eat it right away. The HoneyBEEClever logo has the Clever Honey Spoon in a hexagon representing our beloved bees honey storing units.