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Premium Supplier of Organic Honey From its Native Sources

Outstanding Bee by-products exporter

Based in Turkey, the second largest honey producer around the world, HoneyBEEClever sells quality honey and other bee by-products in bulk. Relying on a network of reliant beekeepers around the world, we are committed to providing natural raw honey. We cater to a wide range of bulk buyers in the FMCG industry.

HoneyBEEClever is one of the outstanding honey exporters in Turkey, offering a variety of sustainably sourced raw honey. We deliver 16 types of honey and bee by-products like Propolis, Bee Venom, Beeswax, Bee Pollen, and Honeycomb to a large category of buyers.

Advanced Laboratories Testing

Quality Compliance

At HoneyBEEClever quality is uncompromisable. We have a multiple-testing process to ensure the quality of the honey according to both international and strict Turkish standards. We follow the standard quality parameters like maintaining the ideal moisture and sucrose content, Ph value and more to avoid spoilage.

Antibiotic Tests

HBC's laboratories conduct several tests and analysis. HBC pays special attention to the analysis of the content of antibiotics in the raw materials. The presence of antibacterial substances included in the composition of medicines for bees is unacceptable. In the case of detection, the raw materials are recognized as illiquid and are rejected.

Physicochemical Properties Analysis

The analysis allows specialists to obtain additional information about the physicochemical properties. The laboratory gives a forecast of the time of crystallization of honey, the speed of which depends on the fructose and glucose balance, accurately determine the composition of raw materials, which is important in the production of batches of monofloral product.

Multiple Testing

Our products are tested three times. When we source honey samples from beekeepers. The second is when honey enters the enterprise. The final test is to check the readiness for export, this test is done by the Ministry of Health to ensure the 100% compliance of honey with food international safety standards.

Buy Bulk Honey in only Six Steps!

Signing the agreement

Initiate the buying order and send us your specifications and quantity and we will send back a very good offer.

Collection of Samples

A qualified collector takes samples from beekeepers and delivers them to our laboratory.

Primary Testing

Primary tests are carried out for the samples before sourcing for processing.

Sourcing & Processing

After the laboratory conclusion, the batch enters the factory. For processing and preparing for shipments.

Exporting Approval

We test the products again and package them as per the client's specifications. We conduct the tests necessary for exporting permission.

Freight & Delivery

Voilà! The honey will be assigned unique barcods for tracking and then shiped to you along with all documentation and requiered certificates.