We Are a Honey

Producer and Exporter

We have three decades of experience in the industrial sector, and three years of experience in the honey industry.
In those years we established our position by producing innovative honey products that match a variety of lifestyles.
Our products are in over ten countries!

We know what's Buzzing!

HoneyBEEClever is committed to producing high-quality natural honey products and driving innovation in the honey industry to keep the natural honey’s taste untouched and make it available to everyone! Motivated by our love and appreciation for bees, our products celebrate with you the flavorful natural honey and its curative powers via hustle-free honey products that are suitable to every lifestyle!
The flexibility and varieties of HoneyBEEClever products fit every schedule, especially busy ones with custom-made on-the-go honey products prepared by experts to match your body needs and improve the brain’s capabilities.
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Facts About Us

We work hard to achieve the best results, with our innovative technology, experienced staffs, and strategy we share our honey bee products to satisfy the most demanding customers in sectors from airlines services, hospitality restauration sector ,bakeries ,retails ,markets and food service industry. 

Driving Impact

Empowering Rural Beekeepers

Our buzz-worthy products are created throughout an environmentally conscious and pro-bees value chain. We support responsible agriculture practices and aim at empowering rural beekeepers around the world. Currently, we are working with beekeepers from 94 cities in Turkey and worldwide.

Just like bees, HoneyBEEClever strives to follow in their footsteps by doing business in a regenerative, ethical, and sustainable way.

Be Supportive, Bee Positive!

For a Healthy Body and Mind

Consumers Health is Our Priority

We care about the bees and we care about YOU! HoneyBEEClever works with nutritionists to ensure you will be getting the right amounts your body and mind need.

Our honey products are Organic, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, and Vegan.

Supporting Entrepreneurship

Bringing Your New Ideas to Life

HoneyBEEClever supports the entrepreneurial spirit. Whether you are an individual or a company and have breakthrough ideas related to natural honey products we will help you make it a reality.

Using nature and innovative technologies we always go one step further to create added value for customers and consumers for a unique, multi-sensory experience.

In Bulk Bussiness mdoel

We Supply Raw Materials

Be it pine honey, manuka honey, flower honey, or honeycombs. We supply you with the best natural ingredients. Our raw materials come from the best native sources.
HoneyBEEClever relies on different raw honey sources in Turkey, the second largest world honey producer, and worldwide.
We secure direct access to high-quality raw materials for the long-term. This is why we place emphasis on vertical integration with consistent quality standards around the world and we are actively adding new raw materials to our pool.