15 Type of Honey Found in Turkey, Benefits & Prices

Our country, which offers us the luxury of living in four seasons, does not spare us the rich nutrients with its diversity of vegetation. In this article, we will talk about “honey olan which is indispensable for our tables with its rich content. As a matter of fact, if a bee travels more than 4 thousand flowers to produce 1 gram of honey, it becomes impossible not to mention a rich content.

Although the benefits of honey will not stop counting on the germ-killing properties of the eye to talk about the use of pain to relieve the entry can enter. Honey which is good for abdominal pain and refreshes the stomach; quite effective in the treatment of wounds occurring in the stomach and intestines. It is known that it is good for many diseases with various mixtures.

Another important issue is how the bee and the beekeeper can work together to achieve this valuable nutrient. The honey to be purchased from the değil beekeeper, not the intermediary hem will both prevent the cheapening of labor and the counterfeit honey market and will support you in local production.

Now, if you want what kind of honey produced in our country, what are the benefits, and let’s take a look at how much we can buy on average.

List of Honey:

  1. Acacia Honey
  2. Anzer Honey
  3. Sunflower Honey
  4. Pine Honey
  5. Flower Honey
  6. Mad Honey
  7. Linden Honey
  8. Black Honey
  9. Buckwheat Honey
  10. Karakovan Honey
  11. Thyme Honey
  12. Chestnut Honey
  13. Keven Honey
  14. Honey with Lavender
  15. Oak Honey