Hot Honey Sauce to make your pizza perfect!​

Hot Honey Pizza

Have You Tried Hot Honey?

We always have something new for you to try!

Make a date with your appetite to taste an unbelievable hot honey sauce. Try a delicious and healthy way to add some spice to your favorite dishes.

Our Hot Honey goes well with Pizza, BBQ, Steak, Burger, Chicken, Shrimp, Vegetables, Yogurt, and even Ice Cream!

Most hot sauces contain sugar, but the chili-infused hot honey of Honey Bee Clever contains only healthy ingredients (honey and red chili peppers). 

For Hot HobbyistBBQ Hot
For AdventurersMild Hot
For Crazy Hot LoversExtra Ho

We Add Health & Joy To Your Kids Life!

We Add Health & Joy To Your Kids Life!

if you want to give your children a diabetes-friendly dessert that they'll love, get them some of Kids Honey Spoon! Offer them a healthy and yummy way to enjoy honey every day 🐝.

Fruit-Flavored Kids Honey Spoon

Honey Bee Clever Made Your Kid’s Honey Meal Easier and Tastier!

Kids Honey Spoon is finally here! Your child will love the delicious taste of honey mixed with their favorite fruits and chocolate. It’s a glucose-free way to enjoy dessert!

Each package has twelve spoons of natural honey blended with the kids’ favorite flavors. The potassium-rich banana, the tasty mango, sweet strawberry, berries, chocolate, and a handful of delicious watermelon.

Natural Turkish kids Honey Spoon

Organic Honey

No glucose sugar, starch, or gelatin is included. 100% pure honey.


Naturally Flavoured

Free from artificial flavors and colors. Only fresh fruits are used as flavors.

Portable kids honey Spoon


Let your kid's beginning always be healthy at school, park, picnic, or home!

immune system promoter kids honey Spoon

Immunity Promoter

Nothing can support the immunity of our little ones as a pure spoon of honey!

Kids Honey Spoons package

A Turkish Honey Producer Trusted by +10 Agents

We are proud to be one of the leading Turkish honey producers who managed to export 5,000,000 pieces of kids honey spoons to our different customers and to satisfy and fulfill the honey orders of 10 agents at a global level.

Searching for Something Different?

Check out our full collection of unique and innovative Turkish honey products that we produce in our private factory with love!

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